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About Us

The Lily Farm was started by Noel Weston over ten years ago.  It was his retirement dream to have a farm full of beautiful lilies that he could open up to the community during the blooming season.  Noel collected over 800 cultivars of daylilies that he planted at the farm.  Every June, the farm gates are opened to the public and people can walk and shop the fields.  


The Lilies range in price from $10-$50 a "clump", a large mature grouping of fans.  Most of the clumps have multiple flower stalks and once planted in the garden would look like mature plants. 


When the farm is open for business, during blooming season, people are encouraged to shop the fields. This means that they can walk around and write down their favorite cultivars or varieties.  They take their wish list up to the customer service house and pay for their order.  The Lily specialist then go and dig the customers order and places the lilies in bags.  Sometimes the orders take a few hours going into the next day, depending on how busy it is.  They are called or schedule appointments to pick up their orders.  


The Farm recommends planting the lilies within a few days of receiving them.  They could also be potted for people with limited garden space.  These are perennial plants which means, once planted they will last many years.  They are also dividable.  Since the farm sells large clumps, each clump could be divided into smaller sections and planted in a few different areas. 


Daylilies (Hemerocallis) are fantastic beginner plants, but also offer a huge range of colors and shapes to attract any plant enthusiast.  They are technically all edible, so safe around kids, pets, and disabled. 

The Lily Farm NC

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