Camellia 'Jacks'

  • Noel Weston spent years working as a horticulturist on his own farm and for the city of Raleigh.  During his years of working with plants he would choose plants on more than just the beauty of the flowers.  He realized that bloom time, growth habit, and the hardiness of the plant are what truely makes a spectacular cultivar.  He wanted beautiful plants that had beautiful flowers. 


    When you talk show stopper, 'Jacks' is it.  This perfect pink Chanel style bloom will stop anyone in their tracks.  It is reliable, impressive, compact, and PINK!


    3 gallon

    Zone: 7-9

    Height: 4-6ft

    Spread: 3-4ft

    Blooms: Spring 

    Flower Color: Pink 

    Part Shade-Shade


Photo credits to Geoff Wood

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